Health is of great importance to the overall well-being of an individual, and this is a good reason why you should consider this first before you get a tattoo. This is why choosing a clean tattoo shop will minimize the risk of getting any infection. A clean tattoo artist, with a clean shop and equipment, is one you should look for when thinking of having a tattoo. These shops have spotless interiors and sparkling clean floors to attend to their customers in the cleanest way possible.

Infections in tattoo shops are rampant these days due to poor sanitary conditions, and these conditions are responsible for Hepatitis C. Unhygienic needles can carry deadly pathogen which can be transferred from one person to another. If you have chosen a dirty tattoo artist, one with ink-stained clothes, you may do yourself a lot of good by leaving. If the artist isn’t keeping himself clean, how then can he keep his equipment, shop, and clients clean?

In a clean tattoo shop, the artist wears gloves. And not just any glove, a new pair of gloves should be used for individual clients to avoid some activities that may lead to unsterilized services. Always remember that having a tattoo involves working with your blood, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want anything to mess up or pollute your own blood.

There should be no animals in the right tattoo parlor.  Having animals in a tattoo parlor is a violation of health codes in most states. It is also not pleasant to see caged wildlife creatures in any tattoo shop. Their horrible smell may even compromise any ready-to-use sterile zone.

There is a high possibility that an unlicensed tattoo artist may not have clean equipment. This is because, before licensing, there has to be a proper inspection by the health representatives. The shop of a licensed tattoo artist is not only clean, but the equipment is sanitized and sterilized thoroughly before and after each use.

To know if you are in the right tattoo shop, the employees of the shop should be dressed clean using their sterile gloves and equipment. More so, their personal hygiene should also be high. It is estimated that tattoo shops were responsible for more infections than drug users. The news deteriorates as more individuals get tattoo daily.

Before you decide on which tattoo shop you are going to, make sure you carry out proper research both on the internet and off the internet. What is your first impression of the tattoo shop?  Do they perform window cleaning regularly? Do they clean their work area or is a gathering of dust clearly visible? Getting a cheaper tattoo shop isn’t the motive, in fact, it isn’t a good idea and we will not recommend that.

Remember, you get what you pay for – services these days, depends on the value of your money.   If a tattoo shop takes pride in the cleanliness of their shop from having streak free windows on the outside, clean tile and grout flooring on the inside and deodorized and disinfected work surfaces, it’s a good indication that they too take pride in sanitary work practices.

It is important to understand that hiring a commercial cleaner to maintain a clean shop is an expense for business owners, hence why the quoted price of tattoos can differ from shop to shop.  Sometimes, it is best to pay more and expect a great service in return. High-end tattoo shops will definitely cost you more money, but in the end, you will be assured a high-quality service one that is free from infection; so it pays to stay away from unlicensed operators.


A tattoo is a minor medical procedure which involved the piercing of needles into the skin many times over and injected with small amounts of pigments/ink. The number of injections you need depends on the size of the tattoo design and the type of design. The needle comes in contact with your blood through the skin with every one of these injections.

Tattoo ink is usually produced through a chemical process which involves two parts: the ink pigments/dye and the carrier. Depending on the quality level of the ink, the carrier solution can be toxic to the human body. Pigments are made from plastics, minerals, heavy metals, vegetable dyes, and other variables. Carrier, on the other hand, is composed of liquid that spreads the ink evenly to different tattoo designs.


Alcohol is sometimes used as a carrier because they allow the chemicals to have easy penetration into the bloodstream. Since it is a promoter, the effect of the various mutagens and carcinogens can cause more damage on your body than expected. Generally, alcohol increases the chances of mutation in the cell.


The presence of carcinogenic products in tattoo inks is quite disastrous to the human body. Benzo(a)pyrene has been a chemical commonly used in black tattoo ink, has a great impact in carcinogen which may lead to skin cancer.

Other tattoo inks such as benzo(a)pyrene cause direct damage to the dermis of the skin, which may also contribute to skin cancer as well.

Tattoo inks break down and may eventually spread throughout the body when tattooed-skin cells are killed by sunlight. Since it spreads throughout the body, there is a likelihood that it could spread into lymph nodes. And, when there is interference in the process whereby a lymph-nodes filter out harmful organisms, it may lead to serious health issues.

Several studies have identified that phthalates, along with other chemical ingredients used in tattoo inks are believed to have dangerous effect of the testosterone or estrogen.

Tattoo inks are known to have unwanted effects such as sunburns, scarring, and allergy. This makes it entirely unsafe to allow tattoo inks find its place into your bloodstream via tattooing. Generally, those with tattoo are not allowed to donate blood because of the risk of transfusing contaminated blood.

Tattoo Can Be Unsafe

With the abovementioned effects of the chemicals in tattoo inks on the body and the human health in general, we can conclude that tattoo can be unsafe! Whatever your reason for tattooing is, it is best known to you. Just make sure you remember that the safety of your health is more important than anything in life, including your wealth.

Tattoo Can Be Safe As Well

The tattoo industries are aware of the penalties and heavy fines they are to pay if they violate any of the safety standards. This is why they do everything in their strength to create the best and safest inks in order to maintain the reputation of their business. So, a tattoo can be safe if it is carried out by a professional artist in a qualified studio.